Welcome to the Florida Health Information Network

The Florida Center for Health Information Exchange and Transparency within the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) is responsible for the administration of programs for the creation of a statewide health information network and the adoption of electronic health record systems. The Agency’s vision is to achieve relevant, secure, and sustainable approaches to health information technology adoption, utilization and exchange that drives the achievement of better health care outcomes for all Floridians and through improved access to information. The Agency is working with Florida stakeholders for the development of health care clinical information exchange that is privacy-protected, aligned with national standards, engages local stakeholders, and is cost-effective for participants.

The Florida Health Information Network website provides information and resources relating to the Agency’s initiatives for Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Exchange (HIE). The implementation of HIT and HIE offers opportunities to improve the quality of health and health care for all Floridians by helping to prevent medical errors, reduce unnecessary health care costs, increase efficiencies of care and administration, and improve patient engagement.

A study of the HIE environment in Florida was conducted by North Highland, and includes an assessment of the current state (“As Is Assessment”) and recommendations for achieving an ideal state (“To Be Assessment”).

HIE Study - As Is Assessment.pdf

HIE Study - To Be Roadmap.pdf

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